Pianos are one of the most expensive musical instruments in the world. They are no ordinary furniture so they must be handled with utmost care, especially if you wish to move them from one place to another.

Pianos vary in sizes and shape. They also vary in kind. Moving them on your own is not an advisable task, especially if you don’t know how to. Moving pianos requires a special handling that only a professional piano removalist can do. There are pianos that can be moved while intact, usually with three average built men and there are some pianos that need to be disassembled. If not handled well, there is a tendency that one might end up damaging some of the musical instrument’s important parts. One of the things that make the move too difficult is their irregular shape. Many pianos are artistically made to add more aesthetics on its physical appearance. However, the shape becomes a disadvantage when it comes to fitting the instrument through doors or windows and trucks. Proper skill and equipment is necessary.

Pianos are heavy and delicate, so why move it on your own?

Hiring a professional piano removalist is very important when one wishes to move their pianos from one place to another. Experts have the experience as well as the knowledge and judgement on what to do when they move a piano. They handle pianos with ease and care, making sure that there is no single scratch on them. They also know how to pack internal workings of the piano. They will help you how to properly pack the internal workings of the piano such as the bench, pedals and legs. They will guide you on how to pack them using paper or blanket, to ensure easy and faster move them from one place to another. They have what it takes to keep pianos in great condition after its removal. Acquiring their professional help can make things easier for you.

Express Removals offers piano removal services for a cheap price. The company offers a variety of removal services all over Sydney. These are some of the services being offered by Express Removals that is included in the piano removal packages:

  • Their professional piano removalists are well trained and very knowledgeable in handling and removing piano from one place to another.
  • Hired removalists are punctual and are never late on any piano removal appointments. Clients don’t have to worry about delays on their appointments.
  • The company offer cost efficient prices for piano removals. Price could be discussed fully once you contact the office.
  • Moving trucks are made available for your piano removal dates. They can carry at least 4 tons of piano weight.
  • There is no size limit. We transport pianos whether it’s big or small.
  • The company offers interstate piano removal service. Cross-country piano removal service is also available.
  • Express Removals is fast and efficient. We can move at least 8 to 12 pianos a day!

Moving your Piano can be made Easy!

You don’t need to remove your piano on your own. Express Removals can guarantee you the best quality piano removal service from all over Sydney. It does not only cater to piano removal services, but also other removal services that you need. You don’t have to worry about having damaged piano anymore! Express Removals will assist you so that you’ll feel at ease.

For piano removals and inquiries, you can contact Express Removals  by dialling (02) 9635 6571. You can also visit our website at www.expressremovals.net.au to know more about our other services. So call now and get a quote from one of company’s friendly staff.