Moving from one state to another can be one of the biggest feats a person will have to do. It’s a new place, a new home and a new life. There are a lot of things that one should look forward to when moving towards another state. Despite the excitement that you feel, it also brings the strenuous feeling of the long preparations that you must do before the big move.

Many people would often opt to move on their own. However, if you are inexperienced when it comes to removals, then you’ll probably find the job extremely difficult.  Moving on your own belongings can be taxing and time consuming. It may seem that you’re saving money by doing it yourself; however, it is actually more costly. The lack of the appropriate moving equipment may also cause more damages to your furniture and tools. So why make things difficult when you can just hire professional removalists?

Express Removals can make interstate removals a lot easier for you.

Hiring an interstate removalist is one of the number one things that you should consider when you plan your move. Interstate removalists can make things easier for you. They help you plan on what to do before the day of relocation. They are also equipped with packing supplies which will come in handy when you pack your things. You need not worry about having broken china or broken appliances and torn furniture anymore! With the right equipment and knowledge, Express Removals will assure you that your belongings are in safe hands. Having experts to help you can make house preparation and move faster, more efficient and cost efficient.

Your new journey can start with Express Removals.

Express Removals knows how difficult it is for you and your family to move from one state to another. They offer the best interstate removals in Sydney. They have packages that can help you save more starting from $38 per 30 minutes or for every 4 ton weigh limit. This price can cater a one studio apartment or a two bedroom unit. The package also comes along with two expert insterstate removalists that can assist you on the day of relocation and a moving truck to help transport your belongings to your desired state.

Express Removals offer interstates services from Sydney and right across the country. They have extended our interstate removals on the following states in Australia. The following are:

  • From Sydney to Melbourne
  • From Brisbane to Melbourne
  • From Adelaide to Melbourne
  • From Townsville to Melbourne
  • From Sydney to Wagga Wagga
  • From Sydney to Coffs Harbour
  • From Sydney to Wollongon
  • From Sydney to Central Coast
  • From Sydney to Gold Coast
  • From Sydney to Albury
  • From Sydney to Port Macquarie
  • From Sydney to Canberra
  • From Sydney to New Castle
  • From Sydney to Brisbane
  • From Sydney to Adelaide (and vice versa)
  • Removalist Adelaide to Melbourne
  • From Perth to Melbourne (and vice versa)
  • From Brisbane to Perth (and vice versa)
  • From Townsville to Brisbane
  • From Adelaide to Hobart
  • From Adelaide to Perth

Since Express Removals knows exactly what you need, we are able to provide you with the exact service that you are looking for. So if you happen to be moving from and towards the states mentioned in the list, then you must avail services from Express Removals.  Call us now!

If you have questions regarding interstate removals, you can contact Express Removals at (02) 9635 6571. One of the company’s friendly personnel can assist and can give you a quote. You can also visit our website at to get more information about other services we offer.