Having trouble moving furniture?

Removing your furniture has never been easy. Most of the time, they are heavy and very delicate that sometimes you just want to give up moving them, especially if it causes a lot of money. More often than not, friends would often lend their hands just to move them around but not everyone has enough time and gear to do this, especially if you’re moving miles away. Half of the time, moving them around can be bloody and injuries can happen. Without proper service, you’ll get holes on your walls and some torn carpets and scratches on the floor (especially on floorboards and vinyl tiles) as well. Moving your furniture be a difficult that sometimes it can lead you to frustrations. So why give yourself a hard time moving your furniture and stressing yourself with the possible damages that it can cause when you can find someone, a furniture removal expert, who can do all the moving  for you?

With Express Removals, you don’t have to worry about anything! Say goodbye to stressful thoughts of broken furniture, injured friends, and casualties on yourself or even holes on the walls and other home damages! Express Removals is one of Sydney’s best removal companies and it can make your furniture removal hassle-free. Express Removals understands your need for a quality service. The company guarantees you the best service that will fit to your satisfaction and expectation. They are well-equipped with the best team of furniture removalists to help you and your family move to another home with ease. You don’t have to worry about broken antique chairs or torn couches; your furniture is safe in our expert furniture removalist’ hands. Aside from our well-equipped team of staff, we also have several trucks made available for the job.

Why choose Express Removals?

With Express Removals, you can sit back and relax.  It offers services and equipment inclusive of the package you avail. Here are some reasons why you should give the company a call and consider getting their services.

  • They have a team of strong and reliable moving experts that are trained for furniture removal.
  • They offer you cheapest rates for furniture removals within and outside Sydney.
  • They give dismantling and packaging services for reasonable price.
  • Always get delayed on your move? You don’t have to worry about it! Express Removals are always on time!
  • They have half an hour package rates that will save you more money.
  • They have no hidden charges! Everything will be laid out for you review.

You don’t have to move your furniture on your own; you don’t have to call your best pals for help! Leave it to Express Removals to help you move your furniture hasslefree!  They have competitive prices, high quality services and state-of-the-art equipments to suit your furniture removal needs. So why settle for expensive furniture removalists, when you got the best one with just the right price?

What kind of packages can you avail?

Express Removals pride themselves for having the cheapest rates in the industry of relocating furniture and other things. You can get one of the following packages:

  • A 4-ton package starting at the rate $38 for half an hour- good for 2-bedroom unit or studio unit. The service includes a 2-men crew and a truck.
  • A 15-ton package starting at the rate $65 for half an hour- good for a 4-bedroom house with a garage and study.

Aside from these packages, you can also request extra services and equipment for the most reasonable rate. So what are you waiting for? Call us now and get a quote from our cost effective packages that fits your moving needs and budget.