Express Removals is an Australian owned and operated Removal Company that aims to give a 100% satisfaction rate to clients. It is also subsidiary company of Bills Removal Sydney, one of Sydney’s best removal companies. Bills Removal Sydney may have started as a small business, but it has created a mark in Sydney due to its honesty and its professionalism.


As one of its subsidiary company, Express Removals aims to make the same mark to their clients. It wants to be a company that is known not just for the quality service that is offered but also for its transparency and professionalism in working. Express Removals make sure to give you the best without any hidden charges structures.


It offers the best rates. They have the best team of professional removalists to help you in packing and moving and state of the art moving trucks to transport your packages safely to their destination.


Express Removals is a hassle-free removal company that aims to serve cater to any removal needs. It offers a variety of services including the following:

  • Furniture Removals

  • Office Removals

  • Home Removals

  • Interstate Removalists

  • Piano Removals

  • Backloading Removals

Aside from the removal services mentioned above, the company also offer services like packing, cleaning, storage and decorating.

Express Removals have different packages that might suit your needs.  These packages vary from different rates per half an hour pertaining to a certain weight limit. It is cheaper and affordable—just enough to cater your removal needs.

Sydney’s Removal Expert: Express Removals

  • Reasonable and Affordable rate for removal services within Sydney and all over Australia
  • The best team of professional removalists at your service
  • Save more money with its half an hour rates
  • With no hidden charges
  • A variety of service that fits your moving needs (cleaning, storage, packaging and decorating)
  • Quality service is ensured


Pay at least $38 per 30 minutes for 4 Ton weight limit on your furniture

  • It can accommodate a two bedroom apartment or 1 studio Unit
  • 25 cubic centimeter
  • Plus a moving truck and two expert removalists to assist your moving needs
  • Get a two hour minimum charge

Get a $42 per 30minutes for every 5 Ton weight limit

  • It can accommodate two bedroom units, study and a garage for just $42 per 30 minutes
  • 30 cubic centimeter
  • Get a moving truck and two expert removalists to assist your needs
  • Get a two hour minimum charge

It’s cheap and it’s only $ 52 for 8 ton per 30 minutes

  • It can cater two or three bedroom unit, or one whole house
  • 52 cubic centimeter
  • With two well equipped personnel to cater your moving needs
  • Get a two hour minimum charge

With just $58, you can maximize the 15 tonne weight limit

  • It can cater a four bedroom house and a garage
  • 60 cubic centimeter
  • Plus Two expert removalist and a moving truck to assist on that day of relocation
  • Get at least a two hour minimum charge

Pay up to $65 per half an hour for 15 tonne

  • Five to six bedroom, a study and a garage for only $65 per 30 minutes
  • Plus two professional removalists and moving truck at your service
  • Get at least a two hour minimum charge

Here at Express Removals, people are reliable, services are affordable and work is professional. We put your needs before anything else. Avail the package that best suit you and your budget. If you want to get the best removal services, then you need not look any further! Call us and let us talk about how we can make your removal as seamless and hassle free as in can be!